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Top 5 Reasons Why Cannabis Clones Are The Best! Almost every state in America has adopted the use of cannabis already. This was enabled by the multiple benefits of the plant. Well, a number of people just believe that the plant only a drug, but it has several health benefits, too. And did it strike you that there are different types of cannabis plants? Well, there are two main types of cannabis plants namely the clone and the seed-based germinated plant. This the article explores the different benefits of the cannabis clone plant over other varieties. Cannabis clone The clone cannabis is the grafted version of the plant. To produce a cannabis clone, you need to plant cuttings from the stems of a cannabis plant.
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Although, the two types of cannabis are similar but have several other differences. For instance, one does not need any expertise to plant the seed plant. But grafting may be a little hectic for people who don’t understand it. In brief, the reasons below might prove to you why the seed-based cannabis plants are better!
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Benefits of the cannabis clone Expiry The cannabis clones have a long shelf life. Not only is the clone handy, but it is also capable of withstanding harsh climatic conditions. Its leaves are strong and do not Wither in hot weather. This means that the product does not expire easily. Also, the majority of farmers smile about saving cash because the products do not go bad or became stale with ease. Handling pests and diseases One of the greatest threats to agriculture is pests and diseases. But the clone cannabis is capable of resisting pests and diseases in the farm. Any crop that does not get affected by pests or diseases is a thumb up for those who common pests or diseases do not affect plant it. Most farmers prefer the clone cannabis to any other variety because of its ability to fight pests and diseases. Different types Another reason why clone cannabis is better than any other varieties its ability to have variety. Noteworthy, you can encourage good plant qualities by cloning the plant or grafting it. Unlike during insect pollinations, cloning or grafting lets you pick the best plant and then use it to reproduce more. This is better than genetically modifying plants because it has nothing to do with GMO. The plant is stronger Then, the cannabis clone is far stronger than other varieties. It is hard to break it, and it is also drought resistant. In equal measure, this is a good trait for the consumer, seller and farmer. The seller enjoys the benefit of having the product stay longer in the shop without going bad. The quality remains intact and the product lasts for far so long!

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