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Deccan Odyssey Facilities

Deccan Odyssey is not just famous for its itineraries and décor. The real luxury element of the train is the abundant facilities. The train is loaded with facilities to keep tourists busy and entertained throughout the trip. Here are the top facilities provided by Deccan Odyssey.

There are two dining cars in the train. Each car can accommodate 44 people at one time. The restaurant provides multi-cuisine three-course meal, three times a day. You can also request for specialty diet meals, if required.

The train provides traditional board games of the country like carom, chess, playing cars, checkers and others in the lounge room.

For physically challenged travelers, wheelchair services can be arranged. The pathway of the train is kept wide to allow passengers to move in wheelchairs. Assistants are also assigned for help.

Each cabin has one butler, who would be at your service 24/7. Every butler is well versed in local language and English. You can put forth your requests and needs to him and he will help you.

Laundry services is arranged at specific destinations. Talk to your butler to avail this service.

The train provides Wi-Fi service with high-speed internet. However, the connectivity strength varies with the destination. When the train is closer to any major city, the internet will be stronger.

You can request for arranging business meetings, conferences and other business events in the train. You can also choose to hire the entire train for wedding.

Everyday morning, you can choose to get your tea delivered to your cabin along with daily newspaper or magazine.

Smoking is not allowed in any part of the train. If you want to smoke, talk to your butler and he will guide you to the smoking cabin.

An electronic safe is fitted in each room. The butler will teach you to lock and unlock the safe.

When guests enter the train, a welcome kit with brochures, stationery items and other items will be presented along with a glass of wine.

A paramedical travels with you in the train for providing emergency medical assistance. If case of complex emergency, doctor will be called in at the next destination.

Cellphones, laptops and other electronic items can be used inside the train. The train has outlets in every cabin and other public places for charging those devices. The voltage available in the train is 110/230 V.

All the suites are provided with attached bathroom with showerhead, toilet and luxury toiletries.

There is a souvenir shop inside the train. Tourists can buy artifacts, handicrafts, dresses and other souvenir items.

Each saloon has one lounge room, where tourists can relax in the armchair or sofa and enjoy the passing scenery.

The train holds a signature spa, which provides Ayurvedic massages and other rejuvenating treatments.

A small gym is arranged inside the train for tourists to continue their routine workouts.

Do you want to look good for the next destination? There is a parlor in the train with trained specialists.

Are you in need of Indian currency? There is a money exchange counter in the train. Talk to your butler to know about the current exchange rate in the train.

CCTV cameras are added in every public regions of the train, for your safety.

Direct dial telephone with international service is provided in each cabin.

Live TV is provided and you can request for the movie collection of the train, to pass time.

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