The Golden Chariot Train Facilities

The Golden Chariot provides a touch of luxury and heritage with the long list of facilities provided inside the train. The management of the train makes sure that the travelers are offered a five-star hotel experience inside the train with sublime cabin, high-class cuisine, gracious hospitality, state-of-the-art amenities and much more.

Here is a detailed account of the facilities inside the train.


The train has 44 cabins fitted with large curtained windows for sightseeing. The cabins come two single beds or one double bed. The cabins are spacious and have elegant decor. Top amenities inside the cabins are wardrobe, LCD television with DVD player, writing desk, en-suite bathroom, and others. The cabins are all air conditioned.

Restaurant Cars

The train holds two restaurants, namely the Nala and Ruchi. Both the restaurant cars are decorated with architectural elements that are inspired from ancient monuments of Hampi, Halebid, and others. The restaurant serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. The restaurants have organized table arrangement closer to the panoramic windows for travelers to gaze out at the sceneries and they enjoy the food.

Lounge Car

The lounge car of the train is named Madira. The name is derived from the mythological reference to God's drink. The lounge car holds a bar with numerous brands of spirits and wines. The lounge room is decorated by inspirations from the decor of Mysore Palace. You can enjoy mild music and occasional performances to enjoy a classic enchanting evening on-board. The lounge car also holds a few indoor games like carom board, crossword puzzles, playing cards, Chinese checkers, and others.

Conference Car

A car is dedicated for conference facility. A maximum of 30 people can be seated in this high-tech conference room fitted with audio visual equipment, business facilities, and others. The car is open for corporate travelers to conduct business meetings.

Recreational Coach

This coach holds a gym and a spa. The Nirvana Spa is a signature facility of Golden Chariot. The spa has a professional therapist who offers traditional Ayurvedic massages that focus on relieving from physical ailment and for energizing you. The gym holds numerous exercise equipment, if you wish to boost your energy via workout.

Disability Friendly

The train holds one cabin, which is specifically designed for physically challenged travelers. The train also provides special assistance like creches, wheelchairs, and special attendants.


Every coach is served by one butler or khidmatgar or attendant, who is available to the guests throughout the day to cater to your requirements.


The travelers are provided with free internet via Wi-Fi throughout their journey in the train.

Chartered Services

Travelers can book the entire train for special events like wedding, conferences, business meeting, and others.


The travelers are greeted with morning tea in their cabins along with daily paper or magazines.


Smoking is not allowed inside the train or in any public places in India. However, if you wish to smoke inside the train, talk to your butler and he will guide you to a designated are.


Each cabin is fitted with a safe and the doors are sufficiently secured.

Welcome Kit

Each traveler receives a welcome kit, when they board the train. The kit contains brochures, stationery items, and others.


A certified paramedic travels along with you in the train, to assist during any medical emergency. If required, a doctor will be called in at the next station.


Every saloon has a sitting area with comfortable sofas, DVD players, magazines, TV, and others.


The Golden Chariot has an on-board souvenir shop, where travelers can buy traditional attire, handicraft items, curios, artifacts, and others.


Electric outlets are provided at specific points in each cabin. The voltage allowed is 110/230V.

En-suite bathroom

Each cabin holds a separate private bathroom fitted with shower, toilet, and required toiletries.

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