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Palace on Wheels General Information

Palace on Wheels has been on the tracks providing memorable holidays since January 26th 1982. This innovative tourism element was inaugurated and managed by Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) in association with Indian Railways Department. The train’s main purpose was to promote tourism in Rajasthan. The train has undergone many changes in décor, itinerary and others, several times in the history.

In 2010, the train was voted as the fourth best luxurious train in the world, right after its re-introduction with newer and better features in August 2009. The train provides one signature itinerary covering many important tourist destinations in and around Rajasthan like the Pink City of Jaipur, Udaipur (City of Lakes), Golden City of Jaisalmer, Blue City of Jodhpur, Ranthambore, Chittorgarh and the famous Bharatpur Bird sanctuary. Outside Rajasthan, the train halts at Agra to enjoy the Mughal reminder of romance of love.

The carriages of Palace on Wheels are refurbished ancient train coaches, which were used only by the royal families and British rulers of the land. The carriages are named after precious and semi-precious styles of the country.

The train takes you on a holistic tour covering heritage sites, wildlife exploration, architectural beauties, cuisine relishing and much more. Apart from the signature itinerary, at certain destinations, optional activities will be provided for you to make the best of your time.

The Palace on Wheels has bagged several awards and recognition for its unparalleled services and facilities onboard. The main aim of the train travel is to provide a royal experience to the travelers.

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General information

Q. What is Palace on Wheels?

A. Palace on Wheels is the first luxury train of the country, which provides a pre-defined itinerary that covers important tourist destinations of India.

Q. Where does the Palace on Wheels train run?

A. The train covers most of its itinerary in desert state of Rajasthan. Outside Rajasthan, the train also covers Agra. The train starts and ends at Delhi railway station.

Q. How to book Palace on Wheels ticket?

A. You can choose to book the tickets from the official site of the train or via GSA sites like TravelogyIndia.com. For booking, Visit https://www.travelogyindia.com/luxury-train/palace-on-wheels/booking.html

Q. Why it is called as Palace on Wheels?

A. The carriages used in this train are the royal carriages, which were used by the royal heirs of the country. The train is named as Palace on Wheels as the décor and hospitality of the train reflects some of the significant royal structures of the princely states of Rajasthan.

Q. Who owns Palace on Wheels train?

A. The Palace on Wheels train is controlled and operated by a joint venture of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation and IRCTC.

Q. Can children board Palace on Wheels train?

A. Yes, children of any age can board the train. A person up to age of 12 is considered as child, according to the Children Policy of Palace on Wheels.

Q. Are pets allowed in Palace on Wheels?

A. Pets of any kind are not allowed to board the train.

Q. What are the travel documents required for Palace on Wheels?

A. After payment, guest will get the Palace on Wheels confirmation document. Foreigners should hold a valid passport with Indian visa stamping and the confirmation documents

Q. How early should i book tickets in Palace on Wheels?

A. It is best to book as early as 3 months in prior to the departure date to get confirmed tickets. The demand for the tickets is very high, especially during holidays and peak tourism season.

Q. What are the modes of payment in Palace on Wheels?

A. The website accepts any major international credit cards including Discover, Master, American Express, Visa and others. Apart from credit cards, you can also pay via bank transfer. Upon request, bank account details will be provided for transfer purposes.

Q. Do i need a visa for travelling in Palace on Wheels?

A. Palace on Wheels does not request tourist to share any details about passport or visa. However, you would need an Indian visa stamping to enter into India, if you are a foreigner.

Q. What is the dress code inside Palace on Wheels Train?

A. Palace on Wheels does not impose any strict dress codes. It is recommended to wear comfortable dress and walking shoes as you would be exploring destinations for most of the time during the itinerary. Decent clothing would be appreciated as India is a conservative country.

Q. What types of dresses are recommended for a trip in Palace on Wheels?

A. The type of dress depends on the climatic condition of the month of your trip. India is a tropical country with considerably hot and humid climate throughout the year. If you are visiting during peak winter months like January or December, wear thick woolen clothing or thin jackets. During wildlife activities, it is recommended to wear light dull clothing along with sunglasses, hat, shoes and sunscreen. In general, cotton and light weight linen are the best styles of dresses for Indian climate.

Signature Itinerary

Q. What are the destinations covered in Palace on Wheels Itinerary?

A. Inside Rajasthan, the train covers destinations like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Ranthambore, Bharatpur and Chittorgarh. Outside Rajasthan, the train covers Agra. The train tour starts and ends in Delhi railway station. For more details about itinerary, visit https://www.travelogyindia.com/luxury-train/palace-on-wheels/

Q. Where does the itinerary start and end?

A. The Palace on Wheels train itinerary starts at Safdurjung Railway station of Delhi and ends at the same railway station.

Q. How long is the journey of Palace on Wheels?

A. The Palace on Wheels itinerary spans for 8 days and 7 nights. The trip starts on a Wednesday evening and ends on the next Wednesday morning.

Q. Does Palace on Wheels runs throughout the year?

A. Unfortunately, Palace on Wheels is not at service throughout the year. The train runs between September and April, every year. The exact departure dates might vary from year to year. For upcoming departure dates, visit https://www.travelogyindia.com/luxury-train/palace-on-wheels/schedule.html.

Train History

Q. When was Palace on Wheels Started?

A. The first tour of Palace on Wheels train started on 26th January of 1982 (Republic Day of India).

Q. What is the history of Palace on Wheels?

A. When trains were introduced in India, the royal families and British Viceroys traveled in a luxury carriage. When Indian got independence, those royal carriages were seized and put out of use by Indian government. To promote tourism in Rajasthan, those luxury carriages were re-furbished and modernized to create a luxury train for luxury tourism.


Q. How are the meals served inside the train?

A. Meals are served in the two restaurants of the train.

Q. What type of food is served in Palace on Wheels?

A. Apart from international cuisines like Continental and Chinese, the train also serves traditional India and region cuisines. Top cuisines served as traditional Rajasthani cuisine, Mewar cuisine, Mughlai cuisine and others. Apart from these, you can also request for dietary modification like lactose-free meal, vegan meal, gluten-free meal, kosher meal and others. These requirements should be mentioned during the time of booking.

Q. Does the train provide laundary services?

A. No, laundry service is not available on-board. However, at specific destinations, tourists can opt for laundry service in which, the clothes will be sent out for laundry and will be delivered at the next destination. Talk to your butler to know about the destinations where the laundry service is provided. This is an add-on facility and thus, the charge of laundry service is not included in the tariff.

Q. Will there be a butler in Palace on Wheels?

A. Every tourist is assigned with a butler. Each coach holds one butler who is at service 24/7.

Q. Does train provides facilities for physically challenged tourists?

A. Physically-challenged tourists are welcome to be a part of the tour. Wheel chairs, assistance, crèches and other services are available. The requirements should be mentioned during the time of booking. The train cabins are easily accessible via wheel chairs.

Q. Is there any emergency medical facility on-board?

A. A paramedic is available throughout the train tour. Paramedic is equipped with emergency medicines and equipment. However, not all medicines will be available on-board. If you have a pre-existing condition, it is better to bring required medications with you.

Q. Does Palace on Wheels provide internet facilities?

A. Wireless internet facility (Wi-Fi) is provided throughout the train journey. The strength of the internet signal depends on the destination of the train. When the train is at any major destination, the strength of the signal will be comparatively good. While the train is travelling through remote regions, the internet connection might not be stable.

Train Fare

Q. What is the ticket price of Palace on Wheels in USD and INR?

A. During peak season, the cost of a ticket would range between INR 2,73,00 and INR 7,56,000 (USD 4,550 and 12,600). The peak season runs between October and March. For single occupancy, the cost of the ticket is INR 51,900 per night (USD 865). For double occupancy, cost of one ticket per night is INR 39,000 (USD 650) in Deluxe cabin. For Super Deluxe cabin, the cost per night is INR 1,08,000 (USD 1,800) per head.

During lean season, the cost of a ticket would range between INR 2,10,000 and INR 7,56,000 (USD 3,500 and USD 12,600). The lean seasons are the months of April and September. Cost of a ticket in single occupancy is INR 39,000 per night (USD 650) and for double occupancy, the cost of one ticket is INR 30,000 per night (USD 500 per night) in Deluxe cabin. In Super Deluxe cabin, the cost of a ticket is INR 1,08,000 per night (USD 1,800).

Q. Does the train fare include gratuities?

A. No, gratuities of any form are not included in the train fare. It is up to you to choose to tip your service providers.

Q. What is the ticket fare for child in Palace on Wheels?

A. For children below the age of 5: Cost of a child ticket is 10% of the total ticket. For children between age 5 and 12: cost of a child ticket is 50% of the total ticket cost.

Q. What are the fare of Palace on Wheels during any celebration?

A. During Christmas and New Year’s Day, 10% Surcharge will be added to the total cost.

Q. Will there be a reduction in tariff if I cut short the train journey?

A. No, refund or reduction is not provided on account of tourist cut-shorting the itinerary or for-going any of the activities.

Q. Are meals included in the ticket cost?

A. All the meals and snacks provided inside the train are included in the ticket cost. The meals organized in any specific hotels by the tour manager are also included in the ticket cost. Any eatable or meal procured during the trip by the tourist during sightseeing or exploration should be paid from pocket.

Q. Do i need to get vaccinated to travel in Palace on Wheels?

A. No specific vaccination is required to board the train. If you are travelling from any Yellow Fever epidemic regions of the world, you would be requested to have Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate to enter India.

Q. Is travel insurance required for Palace on Wheels?

A. Palace on Wheels holds a common insurance that protects against any damages incurred by any natural disaster like floods or earthquake, terrorism and others. It is recommended to have a personal travel insurance that would cover theft, loss of items, health problems and other misfortunes.

Q. When does each itinerary start and end?

A. The train holds one signature itinerary which starts on every Wednesday evening and ends on the next Wednesday morning. The itinerary spans for eight days and seven nights.

Q. How to cancel Palace on Wheels Tickets and fee for cancellation?

A. Tickets can be cancelled at any time. If the tickets are cancelled 90 days prior to the departure date, 10% of the total ticket cost is deducted as fee for cancellation. If the ticket is cancelled between 89 days and 30 days prior to the departure date, 20% of the total ticket cost is charged. If the tickets are cancelled 29 days prior to the departure date, no refund is provided. Read complete terms and conditions here.

Q.Can i transfer my tickets to another person?

A. No, tickets under one name cannot be transferred to another person. If you wish to cancel the trip, you need to cancel the ticket.

Q.Will the tour be cancelled by Palace on Wheels?

A. Under any unavoidable circumstances, the tour can be cancelled by the Palace on Wheels. If the tour is cancelled due to any natural calamity, no refund would be provided. If the tour is cancelled because minimum number of passengers required for profitable running is not met, complete refund of the ticket is made.

Coaches and Cabins

Q. How many coaches in Palace on Wheels?

A. The train has 14 guest coaches with different types of accommodations. Apart from these, there are restaurant and kitchen cars, generator car, staff cars, spa car and others.

Q. Does the name of coach make any difference?

A. Each coach is named after a princely state of ancient region of Rajputana (today’s Rajasthan). While the facilities and amenities of all the coaches remain the same with the type of accommodation, the style of décor changes with each coach. The style of décor is related to the name of the coach.

For instance, Alwar coach holds cone work with pink interior to represent the cultural and architectural values of Alwar region. The Bharatpur coach holds paintings of birds in their natural habitat, green and aqua theme and others to represent the bird sanctuary and the natural wealth of the land. To appreciate the culture of Jaipur, the coach is decorated with ceiling work, miniature painting, zardozi work and others with a highlighted blue and gold combination interior.

Q. What is the maximum passangers allowed in Palace on Wheels?

A. Apart from staffs and managers, 82 passengers can be accommodated in the train for a trip.

Q. What are the basic amenities available inside the cabin?

A. A cabin holds basic facilities like DVD player, TV, security safe, channel music, in-suite bathroom with toiletries, telephone services and so on. Each cabin is decorated with authentic traditional upholstery.

Q. What type of accommodations are available in Palace on Wheels train

A. Palace on Wheels provides two types of accommodations. The basic accommodation is the Deluxe Cabin and the luxurious one is the Super Deluxe Cabin. In the cabins, you can choose double or single occupancy based on your requirement.

Q. How much luggage can i take on Palace on Wheels train

A. There is no weight regulation for luggage. However, there is limited storage under the bed and thus, it is better to stick with the airline regulated luggage weight. Soft topped luggage would be easier to store.

Lounge and Bar

Q. Is smoking allowed inside Palace on Wheels?

A. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the train, even inside your cabins and bathroom. According to Indian law, smoking is prohibited in any public place. However, if you really wish to smoke in the train, talk to your butler; he would escort you to a designated place.

Q. Can I have alcohol in Palace on Wheels?

A. Yes, alcohol will be served in Palace on Wheels. However, this facility is available only to those who are more than 21 years old.

Q. What facilities are available inside Palace on Wheels Lounge?

A. The Palace on Wheels provides a comfortable lounge room with board games, TV, small collection of books and others. Panoramic windows are available to get a glance of the moving sceneries.


Q. What are the therapies available in Palace on Wheels Spa?

A. The Spa can provide a long list of authentic Ayurvedic therapies, specialized treatments, body massages and other specific treatments upon request.

Q. Is spa session included in tariff of Palace on Wheels?

A. No, spa sessions are not a part of the ticket cost.

Pre and Post Tour Accommodation

Q. When should I reach India for boarding Palace on Wheels train?

A. You are requested to be at Delhi railway station at least a couple of hours prior to the departure time. This provides enough time to go through registration and other procedures without hassle. Overseas tourists are recommended to reach India at least a night before to avoid any last minute problems. Book hotel rooms for the night to relax before you start the Palace on Wheels tour.

Q. Are the hotel accommodations covered in Palace on Wheels tariff?

A. Any accommodation made before or after the train tour is not included in the tariff of the train ticket.

Q. Are arrival and departure tickets included in train ticket cost?

A. No, pre and post tour travel charges are not included in the train ticket cost. However, if you require assistance in booking air tickets to reach India, you can get assistance from the representative of Travelogy India.

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