Deccan Odyssey History

Deccan Odyssey is one of the iconic luxury trains of the country. Developed by MTDC and IRCTC, this train started its life as a blueprint plan in 2001 and was approved in the same year. The work for turning Deccan Odyssey into a reality started in 2002 and it took five whole months for IRCTC to finalize on the design of Deccan Odyssey.

By the later end of 2003, the train construction was completed. On 16th January of 2004, the train was transported to Chhatrapathi Shivaji terminus of Mumbai for its inaugural function and maiden journey. The project was completed as INR 32 crore project and the hospitality sector was taken care by the famous Taj Groups of Hotels. In 2004, the train opened its services for just $350 per head.

Today, the train allows only 88 passengers in it for a journey. Back in 2004, the train could make space for 96 passengers and 30 staffs. The train kept on with its appearance and amenities and gained acknowledgment from numerous travelers for its luxury, style, service and vacation.

In 2014, ten years after its maiden journey, the train underwent minor innovations. There was not many changes to the appearance and interior of the train. The menu of the train was upgraded and included numerous new cuisine of the land and continental cuisine. It was recognized for its beauty and service in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

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