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Palace on Wheels Lounge & Spa

Among all the business facilities in Palace on Wheels, the most popular one is the laid-back style lounge for enjoying the tour and a spa to throwback your stress and relax after a day of exploration. As the train runs through different eminent destinations, the tourists are welcomed to explore the train and enjoy services and pampering.

Most of the tourists prefer retiring to the lounge with a glass of their favorite fine liquor and enjoy the passing sceneries. Some end up in the spa for a signature traditional massage for a special time.

Sitting Lounge

Palace on Wheels Sitting Lounge

This room is decorated with vintage comfortable furniture, decorative art works, panoramic window and much more. The lounge room gives the perfect ambiance for the travelers to enjoy the moving sceneries or relax with board games, magazine or books. Tourists also prefer the lounge room for socializing with fellow passengers.

Spa car

Palace on Wheels Spa

The Palace on Wheels provides traditional spa treatments on-board as the train moves from one destination to another. The Spa car is run by experienced authentic therapists and practitioners who can provide authentic Ayurvedic treatment and massages based on your personal needs. The Spa is decorated with royal theme and minimalistic effect. The interior walls of the spa are covered with calming colors. The floors are covered with carpets.

Palace on Wheels is a royal-palace-cum-five-star-hotel on wheels with complete tourism facilities for a holistic vacation. Inside the train, you will always find many facilities and services to pamper you.

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