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Palace on Wheels Restaurants

Cuisine is an integral part of Indian culture. Dining is considered as one of the luxury affairs by the royal heirs of Rajputana, in the ancient times. As a part of the luxury train vacation, the Palace on Wheels has tried to take the tourists back to the regal dining styles of Rajput rulers in the royal dining cars of the train. The dining experience would be similar to that of a five star hotel.

There are two restaurants inside the train, Maharajah and Maharani. The restaurants provide signature dishes of varying cuisines, which reek of luxury in every element starting from taste to garnishing.

Top features of the royal restaurants inside the train are

  • Perfect seating arrangement near the panoramic windows to make sure that the tourists will have a flawless view of the sceneries while dining.
  • The dining halls are very spacious and thus, every guest would feel comfortable
  • The royal look of the restaurant is not linked with the décor of the car alone. The waiters are dressed in traditional attire to give a regal look.
  • The kitchen is managed by celebrity chefs who serve fresh cooked meals of different cuisine styles.
  • Thai, Continental, Marwari, Rajasthani, International and other styles of cuisines are available in the menu
  • Guests can request for altered menu like gluten-free, less spicy meals and others.
  • Food items are served royalty in imported crockery. Drinks are served in carved glassware.

Maharajah Restaurant

The dining car of the Palace on Wheels train is carefully crafted to create a luxurious ambience with carpeted floor, gorgeous chandeliers, large glass windows and more. The restaurant provides a wide range of dishes and local delicacies.

Maharani Restaurants

This restaurant is decorated with antique lamps, ancient style fabrics, wooden panels, lampshades, glass windows, mirror works and much more. The royal ambience creates a luxury effect for the tourists to enjoy an ideal effect of the blue-blood dining experience.

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