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Is There a True Solution for Sweaty Hands or Feet?

Sweating is the body’s way of staying cool during exercise or vigorous activities or simply when the weather is too hot. Meanwhile, sweating is controlled by the body’s sympathetic nervous system. A small number in the population find themselves sweating more excessively than normal.

These people suffer from a condition called hyperhidrosis. It commonly occurs on the feet, palms and underarms, however, it can be in other areas of a person’s body. This condition often times has a negative effect on the sufferer. This condition causes the sufferer social, psychological or job-related problems. For example, shaking hands would be uncomfortable for people who have sweaty hands. They may also find it hard to drive vehicles. For these people, it is also a struggle to work with materials like paper or metal. Oppositely, maceration of the toes and other forms of infection is common to people who suffer from feet that are excessively sweaty. To make the long story short, it is a great challenge for people with hyperhidrosis to enjoy many activities or perform even very simple tasks.

Scientists are still uncertain about what exactly causes hyperhidrosis but there are many ways to treat this condition. Strong antiperspirants are the most preferred ways to treat hyperhidrosis. While the other ways are oral medication and botox injections. In very extreme cases when the other non-invasive methods are ineffective, doctors recommend surgery to cut thoracic sympathetic ganglion. When doctors cure hyperhidrosis they always start with the least invasive way. Moving on, if antiperspirants prove to be ineffective, doctors prescribe the use of tap water iontophoresis.
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A special machine for sweaty hands is used under the tap water iontophoresis method. This iontophoresis machine applies a mild current of electricity to the sweaty feet or hands or other sweaty parts of the body. This method is effective, safe and non-invasive.
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This simply technology is actually scientifically proven to treat problems of excessive sweating. It is specially made for curing sweaty feet and hands but is can also be used on other areas of the body. The inventors are convinced that this machine will work for you as it has worked for thousands of clients who used to suffer from hyperhidrosis.

It takes a couple of sessions before sweating stops completely but some people claim that results can be seen immediately after the first session. The effects of each session can last up to a couple of months or, depending on the individual, it is good for a couple of days. The number of sessions and the interval between sessions or the frequency of the treatment will depend on the person as well. If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, there is now a safe and effective solution to your problems. To learn more about this machine, click here.

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